My Crazy Cousin Aaron

    Our family got together for my grandfather's 85th birthday and my cousin showed up like this:

aaron1sm.jpg (7239 bytes)

My grandfather made a request that he FINALLY get his hair cut. After a great deal of pressure from some of his cousins we got him into a barber shop and here are some of the action shots:

aaron2sm.jpg (8488 bytes)    aaron3sm.jpg (7533 bytes)    aaron4sm.jpg (5713 bytes)

aaron5sm.jpg (8489 bytes)    aaron6sm.jpg (6932 bytes)     aaron7sm.jpg (9131 bytes)

What a difference a haircut can make!

This same weekend the cousins in my family got together to play a game of poker where we dreamed up a fate for the loser. The loser had to stand out on a sandbar in the middle of our lake on a moonless night for 10 minutes. Aaron was particularly bothered by the potential. Guess what? He lost. Here are a couple of shots of him standing out there with a bamboo pole to keep the ferocious muskies at bay:

aaron8sm.jpg (5556 bytes)    aaron9sm.jpg (4669 bytes)

He keeps a grip on his fear of muskies by spending much of his summers fishing for them. Perhaps I'll post some photos of his victories in the future.