The Gang goes to the Northshore

    Trip to Lutsen - January 2000

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Andrea and I were able to take our time on the journey north with stops in Duluth and at Gooseberry Falls.

Andrea at the cafe    At Gooseberry    At Gooseberry     Mark at Gooseberry    Andrea on the dock    Andrea on shore     Andrea on shore

The group ended up being twelve of us that went to Blue Fin Bay to enjoy the holiday weekend together. We got two condos for three nights and took along plenty of food.

Andrea and Jessica    The girls    Jeff and Kirsten     Karin and Jessica    Fellowship time    Fellowship time    Card game     Andrea Jessica and Al    Sunrise    Sunrise    Sunrise

The weather was unusually warm during part of our stay which allowed us to go on a nice hike along a nice overlook. There was plenty of action!

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On Sunday, a group of us went north along the shore to enjoy the great weather. We didn't regret not watching the Vikings lose the game...

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