Trip to Croatia

    Andrea went with her mom and Ron to Croatia to visit her brother's family in October 1999.


welcome sign     andrea and jonathon    andrea and jonathon on swing    andrea flirting with soldiers    castle    jonathon at castle    gang at castle     falls     falls    falls tada    meekers at the falls     ron and cindy at falls    steve and jenny at falls    fortress     steve     andrea and cindy in doorway    andrea reaching out    cindy and ron at fortress    bombed out house     jenny and joe in rain    joe smiling    joe in the van    jonathon in shades    lipizzan    lipizzan    lipizzan    mcdonalds    no guns sign    ron cindy and jonathon    ron with jonathon at table    steve and jenny     kissing    steve and jonathon with hat    steve and jonathon     town     street     train     andrea and boys    grandparents with boys    meekers at airport


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